Hyundai EV and Hybrid Cars in Burlington, NC

Exploring the Hybrid and Electric Lineup

Automotive innovation is exciting, and hybrid or electric vehicles are a perfect example of that. The new Hyundai lineup offers a range of hybrid and electric options, each of which is designed to impress. Here is just the start of what you can expect in our new hybrid and electric inventory near Greensboro.

Hybrid Vehicles and their Benefits

A hybrid, unlike an all-electric model, uses both combustion and battery power. This combination allows cars or SUVs to utilize their fuel in a more efficient way. Customers can find a range of hybrid options, including mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. This changes the way the battery is charged.

Hybrid vehicles are going to add a level of efficiency to your day that is hard to match. The savings you will find at the pump is enough to make any new Hyundai hybrid a great choice. These cars and SUVs are also a greener way to drive.

The Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

Daily drivers deserve a car that will change their commutes for the better. A new Hyundai Elantra Hybrid will do just that. This is a stunning sedan made from long lines and aggressive exterior elements. Inside the new Elantra Hybrid, you are going to get premium materials and a modern design.

The new Hyundai Elantra Hybrid works to make your commute much more efficient. This model utilizes the strength of a dynamic engine with the reliability of a battery to give you a better economy throughout your drive to work. That is a perk any daily driver should love.

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid

Hyundai does not only make hybrid sedans. For families or those that just love the functionality of a larger model, we have the new Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid. This is a versatile SUV that will handle every daily challenge with ease.

The interior of a new Santa Fe Hybrid offers you all the perks you need from a larger vehicle. There is enough passenger space for you and your family to get comfortable. That spacious design can also be found in the cargo area, allowing you to bring whatever needs to come along for the ride.

Electric Vehicles and their Benefits

Electric vehicles utilize a strong battery and a series of motors. These models are measured in range instead of fuel economy. Customers will also need to charge their car or SUV when making the switch to electric.

This innovative power is going to seriously benefit your daily drive. Electric energy is generally cheaper than most fuels, making this a smart investment from the start. EVs also have fewer moving parts. That means you won't need to visit the service center as frequently.


The Hyundai IONIQ 5

The new Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a cutting-edge addition to this modern lineup. Customers will get a power-focused electric design, making this EV the complete package. This all-electric SUV even offers an EPA-estimated range of up to 303-miles.

Innovation flows through every inch of this new IONIQ 5. Shoppers will love all the technology available in this electric SUV. The high-resolution infotainment center is large, the interfaces are sleek, and the connectivity features will keep you entertained throughout any long drive.

Find Your Electric or Hybrid Hyundai in Burlington, NC

Customers throughout the Hillsborough, NC, area can find their next electric or hybrid vehicle at our dealership. Visit soon to browse these exciting Hyundai options and take one for a test drive. The quality these cars and SUVs have to offer will be felt from the moment you sit. Our professionals are excited to change the way you drive soon.

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